John Housser, Digital Architect

Starry Night at Joffrey Lakes

Jul 27, 2006

Our first night at the lake campground I decided to try and capture some photos of the stars, since it was such a clear, beautiful night. I tried a few long exposures, and then decided I wanted to try a full 360 degree panorama of the sky. I set up my camera on the tripod and started taking photos. This is made up of 5 photos, each with a 5 minute exposure, so the whole sky has some star trails (you can even pick out Polaris if you look carefully). I am quite happy with how this turned out, and hope you enjoy it.

This set of photos is from a camping trip this summer I was guiding for Camp Summit. I had a group of 10-12 year old boys from around the world that we took up for 2 nights of camping at the Upper Joffrey Lake. This is part of our 2-week long summer camp program.

You can find all the photos from this trip in this group.'