John Housser, Digital Architect

Mountain Conditions Reporting

The Mountain Conditions Reporting network was an information sharing platform built by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides for sharing relevant details about conditions within their industry and with the broader public outdoor adventure community. Prior to 2016 this took place entirely over email. Through Arc'teryx we began conversations about how to help support the growth of the platform, and increase the value to the guides community and the outdoor community. As the lead developer on the project I built a custom Drupal-based software platform that facilitated the collection of observations in the field, and the distribution of the reports via website, email, and an iOS mobile app. The platform also allowed for the expansion to other mountain guide networks and the management of guide-users (moderation of guide applications, and content). In 2019 we handed complete ownership of the new platform back to the ACMG for their continued stewardship and ownership of the program.